Animals available for adoption in the summer of 2017

by Katharina Heyer

Fotos: firmm

Bottlenose Dolphins

We saw Lolly straight away in spring. Her young one from last autumn was mostly with her and is a very active little dolphin! We have known Lolly already for 17 years and are always happy to see her in the big groups of bottlenose dolphins.


Baby Leila is a lively young dolphin who likes to swim under the boat and looks curiously into the boat.

Baby Leila 

Cutty again we often have seen in groups. She is one of the older and bigger female bottlenose dolphins. You can recognize her easily by her dorsal fin.


Puzzle is a trusting bottlenose dolphin and likes to accompany the boat in front of the bow.


We've seen a lot of White Cap. She is also usually accompanied by her young one from last year.

White Cap 

Salto is still eager to jump. He often encourages others to do the same. He still loves high waves and surprises us again and again.


Pilot Whales

Gorro can already be recognized from a distance. Also this summer he was always with his family of 4-5 other pilot whales.He is a splendid pilot whale and has no problem getting close to the boat.


Ponce is still one of the largest males in the Strait of Gibraltar. We saw him from time to time, mostly mixed with other families.


Pedro often accompanies the family of Baby Hook. He is trustful and likes to swim under the boat.


Edu we have seen in various groups. He seems to be a connecting and conciliatory big male; this was already noticeable to us when he assisted the in the meantime deceased Curro for a long time.


Fernando and Dientes are still swimming together with a third pilot whale. We know that they are often diving for a long time and so we move away relatively fast to avoid disturbing them. They seem to be leading the entire population of pilot whales, because we always meet them as the first group when they swim towards the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean.

Fernando Dientes 

We saw Zackzack at the beginning of the season regularly, when she still came close to the boat with confidence. Then something must have happened, because she has new injuries and is very shy since then.

Zackzack at the beginning of the summer Zackzack with a new injury 

Baby Hook accompanied by her last season's young, came remarkably often close to the boat and stayed long at its side. She let her young one look at the boat extensively.

Baby Hook 

Franzfin is one of the strongest pilot whales in the Strait of Gibraltar. In his family there are 4-5 more whales, also females with young ones. He often stayed by the boat for a long time.


We have seen Johnny rather rarely as he kept his distance from the boat since his injury last year. Nevertheless he seemed to be all right.


Sierra, the female, is easily identifiable and often appeared unexpectedly. She is a bit shyer than she used to be, but also showed herself to be quite trusting from time to time.


Unfortunately, we couldn't recognize mother Juana and little Toni. Toni is one of the many young animals, but it is not easy to tell them apart, so we decided to call each spring a new baby pilot whale Toni, because the young pilot whales always look cute and are very curious. This year's Toni also swam under the boat and looked curiously through the underwater windows.

Tony and his mother Baby Tony 

Nina often visits us at the boat. Her 3-year-old pilot whale calf no longer swims with her mother, but remains in the same family. He, too, is one of the curious who often marvels at our boat from below.


We only saw Gonzo and Nuevo within one big family. They are both rather shy pilot whales and they never appear close to the boat. Although you can identify them easily, they are usually too far away from the boat to tell.

Group of Gonzo and Nuevo 

We haven't seen Nuevo often, although you can recognize her clearly. They both have pronounced dorsal fins.

Nuevo 2015 

Vicente has become Vicenta, because since last year she is mother and has been travelling with a baby. Her injury has healed well and has not prevented her from becoming a mother.

Vicenta and young one Vicenta 

Sperm Whales

Observador has been here several times. He is still quite curious and swam again slowly towards our boat. When he then dived in slow motion, a clapping and cheering started on the boat.


Cicatriz was probably in the big group of 10 sperm whales we saw in September. They all lay together like an island of sperm whales, so we could only take pictures of the whole group. (see also the blog "An island of sperm whales")

 Insel von Pottwalen 


Baby Wilson has grown over the wintertime and spring. Now he is only the second smallest of the young orcas. Estrella is smaller than him. He continued to learn how to eat a tuna. He therefore came less to the boat and seemed very busy. Only once, when there were nice waves, he showed us fantastic jumps!

Wilson jumps Wilson breacht Wilson relaxes 

Camorro takes good care of his 4 females with the 4 youngsters! As the head of his 9 member-family, he is usually busy stealing tuna from the rods of the fishermen and then lets the whole family eat them. He devotes a lot of time to his 4 young ones in particular, so that they learn how to catch tuna fish and then eat them.


Lucia has an injury behind her dorsal fin, probably from a fishing line. She has been coming to the Straits of Gibraltar for a long time, but it was only in 2016 when we started recognizing her because of that injury. Last spring 2017 she became the mother of little Estrella. She protects her little one incessantly and usually swims between the boat and the little one.

Lucia with... Estrella 

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