An unforgettable day!

by Katharina Heyer

Fotos: firmm

The 30th of September will remain unforgettable for us. It started with thick fog, which is a big challenge for all our employees.Two full boats (approx. 90 persons each) had to be postponed by 2 hours each and the 3rd boat also by a full hour. This is a test of patience for all waiting guests and despite the holiday mood there are of course also people, whose impatience the poor crew on land get to feel.
When the wafts of mist had disappeared, we started our first trip and soon we discovered the first big dolphin school for the joy of the many children on board. The sea was as smooth as glass; no breeze was to be felt. Soon 4 Sperm Whales showed up, which was a nice reward for the long wait.

The 2nd trip became even more spectacular: 9 Sperm Whales, in groups of 2 or 3, were clearly visible to all guests in the crystal clear, smooth water. And suddenly, completely as a surprise, a Sperm Whale appeared under our boat! He must have sensed us, because he came very slowly and cautiously to the surface on the right side along the boat! When the 18 meter long Sperm Whale appeared from the depth, even the experienced whale watchers among us were almost breathless! Exactly in the right boat corner sat a handicapped girl in a wheelchair and so she had a wonderful view of the appearing whale. He leisurely moved away, took his time before he descended into the depths again.

On the 3rd trip we had then the crew from the land on the boat with us, so that they could recover after the stressful day. It was still totally windless and almost mythically misty, when a Fin Whale appeared, which we could follow for a while! Shortly afterwards we were accompanied by a lively school of Common Dolphins, which really enchanted our guests. They were unusually easy to observe in this crystal clear water. 4 splendidly diving Sperm Whales, whose white blow could hardly be seen on this silvery shimmering sea surface, formed the end of this extraordinary day.

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