An Array of Giants

by firmm Team

On the boat trip from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Friday, we were lucky to meet several giants of the sea. On a single boat trip we saw 2 Fin Whales, a group of Bottlenose Dolphins, Pilot Whales and 3 Sperm Whales. Such a sighting is rare in the Strait of Gibraltar - despite a large whale density- and was of course a cause for great joy. Even Diego - our longsuffering seaman - couldn't contain himself from taking out his camera and he shot one picture after another. Of course, we don't want to deny you the pleasure of viewing these pictures.

DSC 0065

Photo above: A back can be a wonderful thing. The giant Fin Whale crosses towards the Atlantic ocean (photo: Diego Diaz)

DSC 0055

Photo above: this Fin Whale was swimming only a few metres under the water and always surfaced very flat for breathing (picture: Diego Diaz)

DSC 0080DSC 0081DSC 0082DSC 0083DSC 0084DSC 0085

Photos above: the biggest Toothed Whale of the world is beginning his descent leading it to its bounty - the Giant Squids. (photos: Diego Diaz)

100 2408

Diego Diaz has been working as a seaman for firmm for 4 years. His experience in the Strait of Gibraltar and his knowledge as a seaman has been a great advantage for firmm. Even after countless boat trips to the whales he is still excited about the animals. (photo: Carine Zimmermann)


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