Looking back on 20 years of firmm

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary!

2018 firmm looks back on 20 successful years.

Over 25,000 guests per year take part in our whale-watching trips in the Strait of Gibraltar. In addition, we welcome groups of pupils, students and families to our observation weeks. Before each trip there is an approx. 30-minutes introductory presentation, which is very much appreciated by our visitors.

"Only what we know we are able to love and willing to protect."

Lectures, presentations and interviews are also among the many opportunities to share our knowledge and values with as many people as possible. And with the information on our websites www.firmm.org and www.firmm-education.org as well as via social networks we reach more than 170.000 interested people per year.

What have we achieved during the last 20 years?

  • 6.614 boat trips with a total of 293.000 passengers
  • 4.240 participants in the observation weeks (annually about 200 participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, Portugal, Netherlands and Belgium)
  • about 1500 introductory presentations per year (in 5 languages) before our whale watching trips in Tarifa
  • special Whale-watching programs for students (from Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, etc.)
  • study excursions for students of marine biology and environmental sciences (from Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Netherlands)
  • talks and presentations at holiday fairs, teacher seminars, associations, municipalities and in schools (in Spain, Germany, Switzerland)
  • presentations at research congresses and conferences (e.g. IWC, European Cetacean Society, Whale Fest, Sea Shepherd...)
  • cooperation with other institutions for the distribution and evaluation of our data for scientific work
  • annual firmm reunions with presentations about firmm's challenges and achievements (mid/end of February in Switzerland)
  • more than 70 reports/interviews about firmm in international media (press, radio and television)
  • film "The last giants - when the ocean dies" about firmm and the whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar in cinemas, on DVD and TV (produced in 2009, in German)
  • biography "Close to my heart - my life with the whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar" by Katharina Heyer, founder and president of firmm (published in 2016, in German)