We know Sierra since July 23rd, 2011. The female Pilot Whale can be recognized by her distinctive fin in the shape of a saw.

Sierra is a very social and active animal and likes to be close to the boats of firmm. She has a great protective instinct towards her family.

Adopt Sierra

We are committed to a responsible attitude towards the sea. And you can support us! With a symbolic sponsorship you support our research and educational work in Spain. Together we can achieve a lot!

This is how we have experienced Sierra since the beginning of our adoption program:


Sierra has recently had a small nick on her fin. She was almost without exception with Johnny and Ponce. Often she came to the boat and you could see her saw-like notches on the dorsal fin.


With its rather small dorsal fin, Sierra is well recognizable. She was exclusively in the family of Ponce, the striking male. We have seen her 25 times from March to November. It seems that she definitely belongs to the resident Pilot Whales.