We know Nina since May 06th, 2012. In 2014 she became mother for the first time.

Nina takes loving care of her offspring. She often seems to want to show us her little one, but maybe she just wants to show her baby the boat.

Adopt Nina

Thank you for your support for the marine mammals and the ocean as a habitat! With a symbolic sponsorship you help us to advance our research work and educational projects in Spain.

This is how we have experienced Nina since the beginning of our adoption program:


Nina is the proud mother of a curious baby and has often been near the boat since August.


We often see the proud mother of a baby from summer 2014. Nina is always accompanied by her cheeky young who often comes curiously to the boat, looks up and dives down. So we also see Nina often. She has become one of the most popular female Pilot Whales among our guests.


Nina has a baby again - the two often visit us at the boat. Her other little one is now a adolescent who frequently explores the world on his own and often swims along the boat.


Nina often visits us at the boat. Her young one no longer swims with the mother, but is still in the same family. He also belongs to the curious who often marvel at our boat from below.


Nina is still lovingly looking after her offspring, who still could be seen around her. The calf hardly moves away from the mother, but has recently become more curious and has often sought the proximity of the boat. Both swim in Oliver's family.