Johnny is a robust Pilot Whale male who stands out for his dominant presence and strong character in the group.

Most of the time we see Johnny alone and he hardly approaches us. His dorsal fin is large and wide, with an easily recognizable mark on the lower side.

Occasionally Johnny is aggressive and behaves differently than the rest of the group.

Adopt Johnny

Thank you for joining us in our commitment to marine mammals and the ocean as a habitat! With a symbolic sponsorship you help us to advance our research work and educational projects in Spain.

This is how we have experienced Johnny since the beginning of our adoption program:


Usually Johnny can be seen with Mocho and normally he is swimming fast. He is a lively Pilot Whale.


This September, Johnny had bad luck. He dragged a rope of at least 6-8 meters length with him that was wrapped around his dorsal fin. It already had caused an incision. Sierra and Ponce both took care of him and tried to get the rope off. We saw him with it for several days. The relief came on October 2nd when we spotted him without the rope.


We saw Johnny rarely because he kept his distance from the boat since his injury. But he seemed to be well.


We've only seen Johnny about 10 times. This may be because his distinguishing features are not visible from afar and he was not recognized in larger groups. He was also in the large group of about 70 individuals on May 27th when they probably celebrated a Pilot Whale family gathering. We also saw him in various families, i.e. he does not only seem to feel comfortable in one family.