We know Franzfin since October 05th, 2003. He is a strong and dominant Pilot Whale. Due to his impressive size he can be seen from a distance. From the proximity however he is of course still much more imposing.

Franzfin likes to present himself, but always keeps enough distance to the firmm boats. He is very respectful and likes it quiet.

Until now we have never observed him mating.

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This is how we have experienced Franzfin since the beginning of our adoption program:


Franzfin is a well recognizable male. He usually stays with Edu and Ponce in one family.


Franzfin usually stays not far from Edu's family.


Franzfin, Johnny and Sierra form another family together with 3-4 younger Pilot Whales. Franzfin is big and strong, Johnny is slightly smaller, he seems to have no permanent injuries from the rope that was wrapped around his fluke last year. Sierra, a female, is well recognizable. All three are trustful and often close to the boat.


In his family are 4-5 further whales, also females with young ones. Franzfin often stayed long close to the boat.


Franzfin is still one of the largest Pilot Whales in the Strait of Gibraltar. Since this year he has had some superficial abrasions on his back. However, we can always recognize him by the shape of his dorsal fin, which has a tiny knob.

We have seen him 9 times up close. He was often a little further away from the boat in groups, e.g. on July 27th in a group of 40 Pilot Whales.