Baby Hook

We have known Baby Hook since July 04th, 2008. She is now mother of a lovely calf and can be easily identified by her hook-shaped fin.

We often see Baby Hook on the water surface, sometimes because her very curious calf likes to be very close to the firmm boat. Baby Hook is a true protector, always at the side of her offspring to teach them life; for example, how to behave as a whale around the whale-watching boats or how to cope with possible dangers (we have discovered this, because Baby Hook often had to look for her little one at the bow of the firmm boats.)

Adopt Baby Hook

We want you to be able to enjoy these wonderful animals in the future as well. With your symbolic sponsorship, we can quickly advance the elaborate evaluation of our data and use it to protect marine life. Can we count on you?

This is how we have experienced Baby Hook since the beginning of our adoption program:


Baby Hook often came very close to the boat. She moves mostly with her family and also likes to dive under the boat.


We spot the female very often, she likes to get very close to the boat. Baby Hook usually moves in the family with Edu and Pedro. She loves to dive under the boat and often stays for a longer time under it.


Baby Hook has become a mother!


Baby Hook, accompanied by her young from the last season, came remarkably often close to the boat and stayed for a long time at the side of it. She let her young one look at the boat extensively.


We have seen Baby Hook 35 times this season. She is one of the most trusting females and likes to come to the boat or swim under the it. It seems that she would like to contact us.

Most of the time Baby Hook was accompanied by her three-year-old offspring, who likes being under the boat close to the windows with the curious tourists. Pedro and Edu are always to be found in her family.