Matriarchin is the eldest of her group, the protector of her sub-pod. As with most species living in groups, there is a certain hierarchy among the orcas. The highest-ranking is usually the matriarch. When disputes arise between different sub-pods, the matriarch supports her eldest son. The calves stay with the mother all their lives and have enough time to learn the essentials of survival from her. This is how the orcas develop culture.

Adopt Matriarchin

Through research and information we want to draw attention to the situation of the dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar and contribute to raising awareness. Thank you for supporting us with a symbolic sponsorship!

This is how we have experienced Matriarchin since the beginning of our adoption program:


Matriarchin we sighted frequently and always in company of a baby. As a grandmother, she often looks after the offspring so that the mothers can go fishing for tuna. She always moves in a group of 5-7 orcas.


We saw Matriarchin from time to time, but not as often as the years before. She always moves in a group of 5-7 Orcas, and Camacho is usually seen in the greater vicinity.


To our great pleasure, the Matriarchin was present at the first sighting on June 26th. She had not visited the Strait of Gibraltar for two years, so we had not seen her. She seems to be well, surrounded by her family.