White Cap

White Cap is a female Bottlenose Dolphin and, as her name suggests, we can easily recognize her by the white tip of her dorsal fin. She usually swims in a larger school of Bottlenose Dolphins and does not feel excluded from the group despite her problem with the fin.

Adopt White Cap

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This is how we have experienced White Cap since the beginning of our adoption program:


White Cap is still a young dolphin that can be recognized very well by its white fin. There are more dolphins in her family with similar white spots on their dorsal fins, but not as pronounced as White Cap. We are curious whether it will remain so bright white or will slowly fade over the wintertime.


We have often seen White Cap, even far out in the Atlantic, while we observed over 100 Bottlenose Dolphins in a large group. It seems that she has a young one with her.


We've seen White Cap a lot this year, mostly accompanied by her young one from last year.


White Cap is always fast and recognizable from a distance. She has a young one born in 2016 that we named Fortunato. She protects it and the two always swim close together. White Cap moves in a group of about 12 Bottlenose Dolphins and has been spotted 17 times.