We have known Salto since 2009. In the 2011 season he attracted attention with a forceful jump.
He probably wanted to take a bird's eye view of the firmm boat, took a run-up and jumped so high that he was at eye level with Katharina, who was on the lookout on the fly deck of the firmm-Spirit.

Adopt Salto

We want you to be able to enjoy these wonderful animals in the future as well. With your symbolic sponsorship, we can quickly advance the elaborate evaluation of our data and use it to protect marine life. Can we count on you?

This is how we have experienced Salto since the beginning of our adoption program:


Salto is a very lively dolphin: he often jumps through the air or dives curiously under the boat.


Salto is still a very cheerful dolphin. Often from afar, but then as a surprise in close proximity to the boat he jumps into the air and provokes Ahs and Ohs from our guests!


Also this year Salto lived up to his name. He loves high waves and jumps playfully out of the water.


Our playful Salto often animates others to jump as well. He still loves the high waves and surprises us again and again.


For the first time we photographed Salto this year on June 8th. In 2018 he showed himself eleven times in total, spiralling himself high into the air again. Especially after the change of tides, which often caused high waves, he was seen jumping. He was not often close to the boat, but rather to be observed in the distance.