Puzzle is a mother. We have known her for some years now, during which she raised different babies. She is a very social animal and likes to stay in the middle of the family. Occasionally she follows her offspring to the firmm boat, but generally keeps some distance.

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This is how we have experienced Puzzle since the beginning of our adoption program:


Puzzle is very curious and can often be found around or under the boat.


Puzzle is very social and always integrated into a larger family. She seems to be doing well and since she is not one of the youngest anymore, she behaves rather cautiously.


We often see Puzzle together with Cutty in larger groups of Bottlenose Dolphins. They are trustful and occasionally swim in front of the bow.


Puzzle was quite trustful and liked to accompany the boat in front at the bow.


This year we didn't often see or recognize Puzzle when she was at a distance from the boat. She was difficult to photograph because she is always seen in a larger family and surrounded by her companions.