We have known Lolly since 2004, when we first saw her with her baby. Her fin is infested with a fungus, which makes the identification of this animal very easy. Fortunately, this fungus hasn't grown in the last few years and hasn't gotten any worse.

In the past Lolly was rather shy, but with time and her young ones she became more and more trusting and meanwhile she dares to get very close to the firmm boat. Of course she always keeps a close eye on her offspring.

Adopt Lolly

Thank you for joining us in our commitment to marine mammals and the ocean as a habitat! With a symbolic sponsorship you help to advance our research work and educational projects in Spain.

This is how we have experienced Lolly since the beginning of our adoption program:


Lolly is less shy than she used to be; often she comes to the boat and is always accompanied by a larger group.


We've often seen Lolly in the middle of a bigger family. Her fungus on her dorsal fin is stable. She still often comes to the boat and dives under it.


In spring we often saw Lolly in the best of health, but then we did not see her for a while.

When she reappeared after the summer, she was actually accompanied by a baby! We have known Lolly since 2004 and since then she has had three healthy babies.


We saw Lolly again in spring. Her young one from last autumn was mostly with her and is a very lively little dolphin!

We have known Lolly for 17 years and are always happy to see her in the large groups of Bottlenose Dolphins.


Also this year we have seen a lot of Lolly. She is always accompanied by her third young, who was born in 2016 and has developed into a cheeky and curious little Bottlenose Dolphin.

It is always a pleasure to meet the school of Lolly which consists of about 20 animals. We saw them 15 times, interestingly not at all in July and August. The fungus on Lolly's fin does not seem to grow, and she gives the impression of being well.