Of all dolphins available for adoption we know Cutty the longest, since the year 2000. She gets her name from her fin, which is slightly cut.

We can observe this mother at a regular basis. She is a very caring mother and protects her offspring, but at the same time she also gives it the freedom to explore the environment.

Adopt Cutty

Through research and information we want to draw attention to the situation of the dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar and contribute to raising awareness. Thank you for supporting us with a symbolic sponsorship!

This is how we have experienced Cutty since the beginning of our adoption program:


We always see Cutty in a bigger family. She likes to do "spyhoppings" or showing us her tail fin, often directly in front of the boat.


We always see Cutty in a bigger family. She seems to be a caring female, because she accompanies the youngsters every now and then near the boat.


We've seen Cutty again in groups. She is one of the older and bigger Bottlenose Dolphins, one can recognize her by her dorsal fin.


We often saw Cutty close to the boat. She is well integrated into a Bottlenose Dolphin family and is one of the strongest. We've only observed her eight times this year, but that doesn't mean she hasn't been around a lot.