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  • 2013/12/28 15:08

    The season 2013 – a retrospective view

    In the season of 2013, Tarifa has shown it´s rough and windy side; one time the notorious Levante blew for 20 days and forced us into the Bay of Gibraltar

  • 2013/11/07 15:08

    Mystical and breathtaking trip to the orcas

    On the last trip on the 24th of October 2013 we were extremely lucky with our orca sightings

  • 2013/11/05 15:08

    firmm at the International Sea Festival in La Herradura

    On the 26th of October, very early in the morning when all Tarifa was still in a deep sleep, our firmm-team got ready for a three hour drive to the International Sea Festival of La Herradura

  • 2013/11/04 15:08

    Visiting the turtles

    Last weekend we went to Algeciras to visit the rescue centre for injured marine animals "Centro de Gestión del Medio Marino Andalúz"

  • 2013/10/24 15:08

    Dolphins all over the water and four very special surprises

    Thursday 18.10.2013 should have brought a nice and surprising change for all those involved. We had initially heard from fishermen that the last two days there were supposed to be Orcas in the Strait of Gibraltar.

  • 2013/10/03 15:08

    Plastic debris in the ocean

    In March 2012 a dead sperm whale got washed ashore on the coast of Andalusia. Researchers found 17 kilos of plastic debris in its stomach, 59 different plastic parts, among them 30 m2 of tarpaulins from the nearby greenhouse industry as well as garden-hoses, small flower-pots, plastic-bags, a coat-hanger and parts of a mattress.

  • 2013/09/25 15:08

    Algeciras Boat Trip (11.09.2013)

    If Tarifa is infested by Levante (strong wind of the east) the bay of Algeciras, which offers an awesome view to Gibraltar also, is a good alternative to observe dolphins in their natural environment.

  • 2013/09/16 15:08

    University of Basel’s marine biology excursion to the Strait of Gibraltar

    The rumour is out... The Levante will finally be calming down Wednesday night! The excitement in our group rises. Does the weather forecast hold what it promises?

  • 2013/09/01 15:08


    Like every year this season we were also really looking forward to see the male orca Camacho and the female matriarch

  • 2013/08/14 15:08

    Guests at the banquet 27 July 2013

    I have been coming to Tarifa for 5 or more years, drawn, not by the kite surfing or the hedonistic partying but by some beings who have been there long before we had such ideas: the whales and dolphins